Guideline to Form GENO

You are kindly asked to fill in a Form GENO for all official traits in your country and submit the form(s) to the Interbull Centre ( ). We require that all traits submitted for a GMACE evaluations are described in a Form GENO in such a way that it is easy to understand exactly what traits are included in the GMACE international genetic evaluations. We also encourage you to submit details for all other official traits in your country to facilitate transparency. Please follow these guidelines as closely as possible when filling out the form(s) in order to accomplish this and in order for forms to be as homogeneous across country as possible.

General Guidelines

Specific Guidelines:

Country (or countries)
Give the complete name. Write all country names if joint evaluation.

Main trait group
Either: Production, Conformation, Health, Longevity, Calving, Female fertility, Workability

Give the complete name of the breed(s). If a breed is evaluated together with a different breed, write the breed of evaluation in parenthesis.

Trait(s), trait definition(s) and unit(s) of measurement
Briefly state the definition of the trait in words (e.g. fat percentage, non- return rate 56d, etc). Write the unit of measurement, e.g. liter, kg, lb, 1000cells/ml, etc. Indicate frequencies per category if the trait is categorical and specify transformation of data if practiced. For combined traits give the exact formula used to combine sub-traits. Press enter before each new trait is described and number the traits (this number should be used to make reference to a particular trait throughout the document).

Source of genotypes
Indicate source of data, i.e. chips used

Imputation method for missing genotypes
Describe the methodology applied.

Propagation of genomic information to non-genotyped descendants and ancestors
Describe methodology used

Animals included in reference population
define number of males, females, countries included, total number

Source of phenotypic data
DYD, de-regressed proofs, national EBVs and/or MACE evaluations

Other criteria (data edits) for inclusion of records
Explain briefly

Criteria for extension of records
(if applicable) e.g. minimum and maximum number of test days required and extension method/formula.

Sire categories
Give sire categories included in the genetic evaluations: AI vs. NS, 1st vs. 2nd crop, young vs. proven bulls, percentage of ET produced bulls, etc., and preferably quantify number of sires in each category.

Genomic model
linear, Bayesian, polygenic effect, genotypes or haplotypes

Blending of direct genomic value (DGV) with traditional EBV
Yes or no. If yes, please briefly explain how or give reference.

Environmental effects in the genetic evaluation model
State nature of these effects (e.g. continuous, discontinuous), number of levels, and in parenthesis how they are treated (e.g. fixed=F, random=R).

Adjustment for heterogeneous in variance in evaluation model
Indicate whether adjusted for in the model and if so what is adjusted for and how. Please give reference(s) if available.

Computation of genomic reliability
Describe how the genomic reliability is calculated

Blending of foreign/Interbull information in evaluation
Yes or no. If yes, please briefly explain how or give reference.

Genetic parameters in the evaluation
Use Appendix GENO for heritability/genetic variance estimates

Expression of genetic evaluations
If standardized (e.g. RBV), give standardization formula in the appendix

Definition of genetic reference base
How is the genetic (reference) base defined: cow or bull; Fixed or rolling; birth year, calving year or proof year; etc.

Labeling of genomic evaluations

Criteria for official publication of evaluations
Minimum reliability or number of daughters / herd, etc.

Number of evaluations / publications per year
1, 2, 3,...? Which month(s)?

Use in total merit index
Name the total merit (performance) index and its constituents. Give economic weights and indicate how they are expressed (preferably in genetic standard deviation units).

Anticipated changes in the near future
State the nature and the date of the anticipated / planned change.

Key reference on methodology applied
Please name the key references, which are used as the basis of the current genetic evaluations.

Key organization: name, address, phone, fax, e-mail, web site
Be explicit.

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