Guideline to Form ID

You are kindly asked to fill in a Form ID to describe the identification system in your country and submit the form to the Interbull Centre ( interbull@slu.se ). Please follow these guidelines as closely as possible when filling out the form in order to accomplish this and in order for forms to be as homogeneous across country as possible.

General Guidelines

Specific Guidelines:

Country (or countries) Give the complete name. Write all country names if joint evaluation.

Breed(s)Give the complete name of the breed(s). If a breed is evaluated together with a different breed, write the breed of evaluation in parenthesis.

Rules to define breed codes How do you define the difference between, for instance, HOL/RED and SIM/MON. Briefly state the criteria for the 3 character breed code (position 1-3 in the international ID*).

Distinct ID number ranges If distinst number ranges is used for e.g. different breeds, sex, birth years etc please state the number ranges

Re-use of ID If yes please state the rules for re-use.

Semen straw information Briefly describe the relation between information on semen straws and the (International) ID. Please indicate where a cross-reference list can be found in case of inconsistencies.

National vs International: Is the 19 character international ID also used as national ID? If not, please describe what the rules for transforming national bull ID's to the International bull ID's

* International ID:

Breed of bull Character 3

Country of first registration Character 3

Sex code Character 1

ID number of bull Character 12

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