How to prepare and upload your 733 & 734 files

1-Convert your flat file to XML format

For this you can use convert_gmace_info.py

Use the command: python2 convert_gmace_info.py <FILENAME>

Replace FILENAME with the path to the 733 or 734 file you want to convert

You will get an output file called 'animinfo.xml'

2-Use Checkaniminfo.py to create a zip file to be uploaded into IDEA

Run the Checkaniminfo.py program with the output file you got from the previous step.

Use the command:

python2 CheckAnimInfo.py ORGCODE animinfo.xml

Replace ORGCODE with the code of your organization

3-Upload your zip file into IDEA

To upload your zip file, go to IDEA webpage, click on 'Animinfo' tab and then select 'upload'. Use the second option 'AnimInfo upload' to upload you file.

Most common errors

ANIMINFO feedback email

Once your file uploaded, you will get a feedback email with some information about your upload like the number of Uploaded AnimInfo items and the number of discarded AnimInfo items. Please pay attention to the the XML file attached to the email. In this file you will find all the IDs of the discarded animals. Animals are discarded for two main reasons:

-if they are missing from the database

-if aliases are used instead of the official ID

If you are not familiar with XML files, you can use ListAnimInfoFeedbackAliases.py (available on IDEA web page) to extract aliases and their correspondent official IDs from ANIMINFO feed back file.

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