Table 2. National evaluation data considered in the Interbull routine evaluation for
 dairy production traits (February 2004). Reference (genetic) base definition,
as provided by participating countries.  Base definition is composed of
breed initial (1 character), year the base was established (YY), type of
animals included (B=bull, C=cow), the "event" used (B=birth, C=calving,
E=evaluation), and year of the "event" (YY)
Country Ayrshire Swiss Guernsey Holstein Jersey Simmental

Australia A00CB95 G00CB95 H00CB95 J00CB95
Belgium # H00CB95
Canada A04CB97 B04CB97 G04CB97 H04CB97 J04CB97
Czech Rep. H00CB95 S00CB95
Denmark A00CB95 H00CB95 J00CB95
Denmark, RedHol R00CB95
Estonia H00CB95
Finland A04BB96 H04BB96
France B03BB9 H03BB95 S03BB9
France, Montbeliarde M03BB9
France, RedHol R03BB95
Germany-Austria A00CB95 B03BB94 H00CB95 J00CB95 S03BB94
Hungary H00CE95 S00CE95
Ireland H00CB95
Israel H00CC95
Italy B00CB95 H00CB95 J00BC95 S00CC98
Japan H00CB95
Netherlands ## H00CB95 H00CB95 H00CB95 H00CB95
New Zealand X96CB85 X96CB85 X96CB85 X96CB85 X96CB85
Norway A03CB95
Poland H00CB95
Rep. South Africa A00CC95 G00CC95 H00CC95 J00CC95
Slovenia B00CB95 H00CB95 S00CB95
Spain H01CB95
Sweden A03CB99 H03CB99
Switzerland B00CB95 H00CB95 S00CB95
Switzerland, RedHol H00CB95
United Kingdom A00CB95 G00CB95 H00CB95 J00CB95
United States A00CB95 B00CB95 G00CB95 H00CB95 J00CB95

# Walloon part of Belgium
## The Netherlands + Flemish part of Belgium