Table 3. Information on national evaluations providing data to the Interbull
routine evaluation for direct longevity, as provided by participating countries
Country Breed(s)* h2 Model Expression***

Australia RDC, GUE, JER, HOL .025 AM RP B+
Belgium HOL .106 AM RR B+
Switzerland HOL .1385 SM SA B+
Switzerland BSW .181 SM SA B+
Germany HOL,RDC .166 SM SA B-
Germany-Austria BSW .120 SM SA B+
Hungary HOL .050 SM SA B+
Denmark RDC, HOL, RHOL, JER .117 SM SA B+
Spain HOL .115 SM SA T+
Finland RDC, HOL .120 SM SA T+
France HOL .108 SM SA B+
France MON .130 SM SA B+
The Netherlands HOL, SIM, JER, BSW .100 SM SA B+
New Zealand RDC,BSW,JER,GUE,HOL .055 AM ST B+
United Kingdom HOL,RDC,GUE,JER .060 AM MT T+
Ireland HOL .016 AM MT T+
Israel** HOL .110 AM ST T+
Italy HOL .097 SM SA T+
Sweden RDC, HOL .080 SM MT B+
United States RDC,BSW,JER,GUE,HOL .080 AM ST T+
*    RHOL = Red Holstein
**   The official BVs were only multiplied by 100 for ISR instead of 1000 to fit the 017 file format
***  B+ = Breeding Value, high values desirable; B- = Breeding Value, low values desirable
T+ = Transmitting Ability, high values desirable; T- = Transmitting Ability, low values desirable.