Code of practice

A printable version of the whole Interbull CoP is available HERE

Table of contents

1)  Introduction

2)  Services rendered by the Interbull Centre

3)  Prerequisites for participation

4)  Responsibilities

5)  Method of international evaluation

6)  Traits and breeds

7)  Data exchange and time of evaluation

8)  Use of data for research

9)  Promotion of services by the Interbull Centre

10)  Service fees

Appendix I -  Service contracts and letters of agreement
I-a: Service Contract - MACE evaluations (Production traits)   
I-b: Letter of understanding - Conformation traits
I-c: Letter of understanding - Udder Health traits
I-d: Letter of understanding - Longevity traits
I-e: Letter of understanding - Calving traits
I-f: Letter of understanding - Female Fertility traits
I-g: Letter of understanding - Workability traits
I-h: Service Contract - Genomic evaluations

Appendix II -  Forms

Appendix III -  Trend validation procedures

Appendix IV - Description of weighting factors and examples

Appendix V -  Publication guidelines

Appendix VI -  Interbull evaluation pre release agreement

Appendix VII - Annual service fees

Appendix VIII - GEBV test

Appendix IX - GMACE Publication Rules

Useful deadlines
Useful deadlines for the September 2018 test run

Official Launch of GenoEx-PSE June 1, 2018
Information about the launch of GenoEx-PSE, June 1 2018 Read more...

Information about GDPR
Information about SLU and the new European GDPR

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