EXTENDED Call for abstracts 2017 EAAP/Interbull

Dear all,

We have just got a communication from the EAAP's Secretary General that, due to many coincident deadlines in this period, that deadline for abstract submissions for the 68th EAAP meeting and EAAP/Interbull joint  has been extended until 8th March 2017 at midnight CET.


Please visit for detailed information.


(A call for abstracts for the Interbull Open Meetings on 26 and 27 August will follow on a later date).


The EAAP/Interbull joint session will be held on Monday, August 28th and will be focused on:


Managing genetic diversity in cattle in the era of genomic selection

Chair: Reinhard Reents

Genomic selection programs can provide greater selection response than traditional pedigree-based breeding programs. This may result in a decrease in diversity/increased rate of inbreeding. However, through the possibility of within-family pre-selection, genomic selection may also provide valuable tools for managing genetic diversity and inbreeding.

Abstracts are invited for submission to this Interbull-EAAP session, which provide assistance to cattle breeders in their quest to try and balance fast genetic progress and maintain genetic diversity.


Genetic defects in cattle – identification, finding the mutation and managing it in breeding plans

Chair: Hossein Jorjani

Recessive genetic defects occur naturally in many species. Such defects may result in minor to severe consequences for an animal’s health and welfare, or even  death.

Abstracts are invited for submission to this Interbull-EAAP session, which explore the latest genomic technologies that provide new opportunities in the discovery of genetic defects in cattle, and/or effective ways for animal breeders to manage the prevalence of these defects in breeding plans.


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