2018 Interbull Technical Workshop Presentation



  Title Speaker
  Session: SNP MACE
Suturday, August 25th Introduction E. Santus
SNPMace – A meta-analysis to estimate SNP effects by combining results from multiple countries M.Goddard
Multitrait across country genomic evaluations for Eurogenomics countries E. Mäntysaari (by V. Ducroc)
Session: InterGenomics
Introduction M. Klopčič
International Genomic evaluation of 8 Holstein populations (IG-HOL) H. Jorjani
IG HOL feedback from Ireland R. Evans
IG HOL 2nd research run results- Slovenian point of view K. Potočnik
Genomic evaluation for small populations, combination with a large population vs. Intergenomics

E. Ezra

(by H. Jorjani)

International bull evaluation by GBLUP with prediction population(s)

I. Misztal

  Session: Mendelian Sampling

G. Aamand Pedersen

Sunday, August 26th Mendelian Sampling Variance Software Version 3.0
- new features and improvements

E. Mäntysaari

(by M. Lidauer)

Review of latest results V. Palucci
MS test software: Applications to Canadian data P. Sullivan
Variance adjustments and Mendelian Sampling tests J. Dürr
NZL Practical experiences – Mendelian Sampling Test M. Camara
The Mendelian sampling test:  experience with application to United Kingdom data R. Mrode
Session: Genomic Reliability
Introduction H. Benhajali
Snp_blup_rel - A tool to calculate reliabilities of individual genomic evaluations.

E. Mäntysaari

(by M. Lidauer)
Experiences with the Interbull genomic reliability method applied to a mixed reference population Z. Liu
Approximation of reliability in Single Step Models using the Interbull Standardized Genomic Reliability Method. M. Erbe
Reliabilities for genomic evaluation: Test of the SNPBLUP software with Spanish Holsteins data N. Charfeddine
Experiences with the implementation of the Interbull genomic reliability protocol. H. Eding
Using SNP BLUP REL software for prediction
reliability of DGV in Poland
T. Suchocki
Approximating genomic reliabilities for genotyped Walloon Holstein cattle using the SNP-BLUP software - First experiences N. Gengler

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