2019 Joint Interbull-ADSA



The 2019 Interbull Annual Meeting will take place 22-24 June 2019 in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA:

22-23 June at the Hilton Netherland Plaza

24 June (joint with ADSA) at the Duke Energy Convention Center


Registration and fees:

Please notat that, if you are attending the Interbull Meeting AND the joint ADSA-Interbull Symposia, you must check one registration option for each meeting.

  •  Information on how to register and costs are all available through the ADSA Registration page 
  •  Information about hotels is available through the ADSA Hotel page


The Interbull registration fee includes morning coffee, lunch, afternoon coffee, and dinner on Saturday, June 22, and morning coffee, lunch, and afternoon coffee on Sunday, June 23



Themes and Submission of Abstracts to the Interbull 2019 Open Meetings

As the 2019 ICAR meeting in Prague will feature the Interbeef meetings, this year's Interbull Open Meetings will focus on dairy cattle, and authors are invited to submit presentations on the following themes:


1.     New traits and phenotypes collection, use and (inter)national evaluation

This theme provides the opportunity to share your experiences, activities and plans on the collection of data, and genetic/genomic evaluations of novel phenotypes such as methane emissions, feed intake data and health data, mid-infrared data).


2. The use of new technologies and methodologies in national and international genetic and genomic evaluations.

This theme includes a range of potential topics for presentations.

a)    Pre-Genomic Selection: Dealing with Bias in International Evaluations.

Possible sources of bias introduced through genomic pre-selection and the quantification of such bias have been discussed in recent Interbull Meetings: We like to go into more detail on these topics, and explore ways of dealing with such bias in international evaluations.

b)    “SNPMace-related activities”

In 2018, Interbull started the SNPMace project. Project results will be presented during the Interbull Annual Meeting. The Open Meetings provide an opportunity to present activities that are addressing similar objectives as SNPMace.

c)     Experience with use of cow reference populations

Countries have started to add genotyped cows to their reference populations.

Papers are invited to share results, benefits and experiences of cow reference population for both old and new traits.

d)    New Bovine Genome Assembly

An updated bovine genome assembly (ARS-UCD1) was released in 2018. This has been adopted by several genetic evaluation centres. Papers are invited to share results, benefits and experiences of usage of the new bovine assembly.

e)     User experiences with GenoEx-PSE

We invite the ICAR Accredited DNA Data Interpretation Centres that have joined GenoEx-PSE to share their experiences with the service.


3.     Opportunities for use of genetic and genomic information

Genetic and genomic information is not only changing genetic evaluation animals in developed countries. It also changes herd management, selection and breeding programmes in developed and developing countries. We are seeking papers that may demonstrate the wider impact of such information through questions as:

a)    How is genetic and genomic information used to make farm management decisions?

b)    How does the industry make use of Interbull data?

c)     What opportunities are there for genomics in developing countries?


To submit your title and abstract please click on "Submit a title to this event" at the bottom of the page.
IMPORTANT!Please note that by doing so you are only submitting your title and abstract for this meeting, to be able to attend this meeting you need to register at the ADSA Registration page


We aim to accept all relevant and good abstracts for presentations. Depending on the number of abstracts that we receive, there is a (small) possibility that some authors will be asked to present their paper in poster format. Authors will be informed of this, as soon as possible, and at the latest within 3 weeks of the submission deadline.


The related paper should be written according to the Interbull Bulletin Guidelines which are available here


Useful Deadlines:

  • Deadline for title and abstract submission is 10 May 2019 at 23.59 CET;
  • Deadline for submission of presentations: 18 June 2019 at 5 pm CET;
    • Presentations should last no more than 12 minutes; followed by 2 minutes for questions.
    • We aim to make your presentation available on our website within 2 weeks after the conference.
  • The final program will be made available on 3 June 2019;
  • Deadline for full paper submission: 30 September 2019. The paper is to be submitted via the Interbull Bulletin website; 




The joint ADSA - Interbull Symposium will address:



In 2009, genomic evaluations were first implemented in the United States and Canada, followed over time by many other countries. The rapid uptake of genomic selection has had a dramatic impact on the dairy industry. This symposium will highlight the development of this implementation in all dairy breeds and its impact, and will look to new developments and future scenarios.



The advent of genomics has created an opportunity to focus on and select for expensive traits that was not feasible with traditional selection. This symposium will illustrate various examples of national and international initiatives to pool data across countries or organizations in order to exploit the potential of accurate genomic evaluation for novel and expensive traits.


For more information on the Joint Interbull/ADSA symposia, please visit and view the Breeding and Genetics
symposia for the above topics.



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