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Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we had to postpone the 2020 ICAR-Interbull conference, and organized in 2020 two online Q&A meetings instead.


We are pleased that we now can announce that the next ICAR-Interbull conference will be held from April 26 till April 30 2021. It will be a virtual conference with the option to be present at the World Trade Center (WTC) in Leeuwarden, The Netherlands, the latter under the condition that the circumstances then will allow. The central theme for the ICAR Conference will be circular economy, and its impact and challenges in animal performance recording.


Details on the Conference, Registration and use of the online Conference Platform can be all found on


The following provides specific details on the Interbull programme and the submission of abstracts to the Interbull Open Meetings.


The overall theme for the Interbull Open meetings is "Innovations in national and international genetic and genomic evaluations"


Authors are invited to submit abstracts within the overarching above theme that specifically address the following topics for dairy and beef:


  • Sensor data applied to genetic and genomic evaluation

This topic provides the opportunity to share both practical experience and plans for implementing data from sensor devices into evaluation models.

  • Big data and machine learning for the benefit of genetic and genomic evaluation.

An opportunity to share experiences in the use of big data (farm data, automatic recording, genomic data) and machine learning methods on small and large scales to benefit genetic and genomic evaluation

  • Meta-analytical methods in animal genetic and genomic evaluation.

Abstracts are invited to share the potential usage of meta-analysis in animal genetic evaluations.

  • Experience with single-step evaluation.

In dairy cattle, some countries have implemented single step evaluations as the official method for their national evaluation, while others are in the implementation phase. We invite participants to share successes, challenges in the implementation and use of single step evaluations.

  • Implementing new traits in genetic and genomic evaluation systems.

Current development within national evaluations related to inclusion of new traits. Challenges and benefits related to implementation, implementation scale and expectations for international evaluations.

  • Cross-breed genetic and genomic evaluations.

This topic relates to challenges and solutions for evaluation of cross-bred animals (dairy x dairy and beef x dairy) and opens the discussion on the importance of particular traits in various regions as well as future breed composition, and possibilities for both national and international evaluations.


Submission of abstract


To submit your title and abstract please click on "Submit a title to this event" at the bottom of this page.



  • Deadline for title and abstract submission is March 1st 2021 at 23.59 CET;
  • Please note that, in addition to submitting an abstract, you will need to register before April 1st 2021 at, for your abstract to be presented.


Please be aware that upon acceptance of your abstract, you are expected to:


  • provide a 12-minute video recording of your presentation and a 2-minute pitch recording no later than April 8th, 2021. Further details and guidelines are available on .
  • Submit the related paper via the Interbull Bulletin by 31st August 2021, in accordance with the Interbull Bulletin Guidelines which are available here.


Preliminary Interbull Program - All times Central European Time (CET).


Day   Time   Meeting
Monday 26th April   14:00-17:10   Interbull Open Meeting
Tuesday 27th April   16:00-17:00  

Joint ICAR-Interbull Session:

"Supporting Circular economy: how does it affect the Breeding Goals?"

Wednesday 28th April    14:00-15:00   ICAR General Assembly
  15:00-17:00   Plenary sessions ICAR-Interbull
Thursday 29th April   14:00-16:00   Interbull Business Meeting
Friday 30th April   14:00-17:00   Interbull Open Meetings



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