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Presentations from the 2022 ICAR/INTERBULL joint session*

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June 1





Recording and Selection Tools for Feed Efficiency and Environmental Impact




Birgit Gredler-Grandl, Wageningen University & Research  Daniele Vicario, ANAPRI



13:30   Birgit-Gredler-Grandl Update ICAR Feed and Gas Working Group: Guidelines and international collaboration for genetic evaluation
13:45   Jan Lassen Validation of individual feed intake records using a 3D camera system in commercial farms
14:00   Istvan Fodor Measuring individual carbon dioxide emissions as a proxy for feed efficiency on dairy farms preliminary results
14:15   Kerry Houlahan Dynamic nature of genetic parameters for feed efficiency estimated using random regression models
14:30   Esa Mäntysaary Modelling metabolic efficiency Do we need to understand the biological meaning of residual feed intake breeding values?
14:45   Michael Aldridge Large scale phenotyping of methane for genetic evaluation is possible with Sniffers
15:00   Raffaella Finocchiaro A pipeline for the integration of growth, feed efficiency and greenhouse-gas emission data in Italian Holstein
15:15   Lucas Lopes Estimates of genetic parameters for environmental efficiency traits for first lactation Holstein
15:30   Nicolas Gengler Genetic analysis and correlations between milk mid-infrared (MIR) spectra-based methane emissions and nitrogen use efficiency proxies in Walloon Holstein cows

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