Programme & Presentations Montreal 2022



General Programme

Saturday, May 28th

08:30 am to 4:00 pm

Interbull Technical Committee


Sunday, May 29th

08:30 am to 12:30 pm

Interbull Steering Committee


Sunday, May 29th

08:30 am to 12:30 pm

Interbeef WG and Technical Meeting


Monday, May 30th

09:00 am to  4:00 pm

Interbull Open Meeting


Tuesday, May 31st

08:30 am to 11:00 am

Interbull Business Meeting


Tuesday, May 31st

11:30 am to 3:15 pm

Interbull Open Meeting


Tuesday, May 31st

3:30 pm   to 4:30 pm

Interbull Technical Committee


Tuesday, May 31st

4:30 pm   to 5:30 pm

Interbull Steering Committee


Wednesday, June 1st

1:30 pm to 3:30 pm

ICAR-INTERBULL joint session

Thursday, June 2nd 08:00 to 9:00 am DNA Webinar: “Launch of ICAR Parentage Discovery Certification Services”


Scientific Program - Interbull Open Session


Download the scientific program for the Interbull Open Meeting as pdf







Scientific Report Title




Matthew Shaffer

Opening of the Meeting


May 30




New traits in genetic and genomic evaluation systems



Chair: U. Schnyder

9:15   Eva Kasna Genomic evaluation of reproductive disorders in Czech Holstein cattle
9:30   Christina M Rochus Genetic architecture of fertility traits in hormonally synchronized and heat detected dairy cows
9:45   Renee Bongers Preliminary analysis of herd management data for development of genetic evaluations for enhanced disease resistance in dairy cattle
10:00   Janusz Jamrozik Including second lactation data in Canadian feed efficiency evaluation
10:15   Joao Dürr Considerations in using quantitative measurements of milking speed for genetic evaluations for all dairy breeds in the USA


Experience with single-step

evaluation - I



Chair: G. P. Aamand

11:00   Zengting Liu Application of a single-step SNP BLUP random regression model to test-day yields and somatic cell scores in German Holsteins
11:15   Ludmila Zavadilova Genomic Evaluation for Clinical mastitis in Czech Holstein
11:30   Zengting Liu Using a single-step SNP BLUP maternal-effect model for calving trait genomic evaluation in German Holsteins
11:45   Adrien Butty Development of a single-step genomic evaluation for udder support in a multi-breed population with crossbred animals
12:00 General Discussion



Experience with single-step evaluation - II




Chair: G. P. Aamand

 1:30    Iola Croulé In France, Single-Step is going live!
 1:45    Ignacy Misztal Single-step genetic evaluation using the CDCB data
 2:00    Vinzent Boerner Integration of Interbull MACE breeding values into the multiple-trait single step random regression test day genetic evaluation for yield traits of Australian red breeds
2:15   Esa Mäntysaari Nordic Holstein single-step test day model using left truncated genomic data


Beef national/international evaluation




Chair: A. Cromie

3:00   Elisenda Rius-Vilarrasa Nordic genetic evaluation for purebred beef cattle (on calving and growth traits)
3:15   Vesela Zdenka Genetic parameters for live animal ultrasound measures, scrotal circumference, carcass and growth traits in Aberdeen Angus
3:30   Birgit Gredler-Grandl Genotype by environment interaction for age at slaughter in Irish dairy and beef crossbreds using a genomic reaction norm model
3:45   Simone Savoia Inclusion of genetic groups in the Interbeef evaluation





Scientific Report Title

   Tuesday, May 31          


Cross-breeding in dairy cattle




Chair: B. VanDoormaal

 11:30   Romain Saintilan

Accuracy of prediction for a genomic evaluation in rotational crossbreeding scheme (Montbéliarde x Holstein x Red Danish).

 11:45    Kevin Byskov Nordic genomic prediction for crossbred dairy females
12:00   Raphael Mrode Feasibility of joint genomic evaluations for small holder dairy cattle data in Tanzania and  Ethiopia
12:15   Jose Carrillo

Adding and reporting genomically discovered ancestors in US evaluations


      New methods, validation, harmonisation


Chair: S. Mattalia


1:30   Valentina Palucci

PREP: A new platform for sharing information

1:45   Fernando Macedo

Harmonisation of calving traits

2:00   Xiaolin Wu

An exponential regression model to estimate daily milk yields in dairy cows

2:15   Joao Dürr

Genetic gains in lifetime merit indexes during the use of three genetic evaluation methods

2:30   Esa Mäntysaari

Usability of different genetic evaluation validation tests in a population subjected to a strong genomic selection and in testing the single-step genomic evaluations.

2:45   Peter Sullivan

Using genetic regressions to account for genomic pre-selection effects in MACE

  3:00   George Wiggans

Detecting relationships among genotypes in a rapidly growing collection

  3:15   Matthew Shaffer

Closing of the Meeting



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