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General Programme


Day    Time       Meeting   Location  
Thursday, August 24   13:00-17:00    Interbull Technical Meeting     Idele Office in Lyon (23 RUE JEAN BALDASSINI, AGRAPOLE)  
Friday, August 25   08:00-12:00   Interbull Technical Meeting   Idele Office in Lyon (23 RUE JEAN BALDASSINI, AGRAPOLE)  
    13:00-16:30   Interbull Steering Committee   Idele Office in Lyon (23 RUE JEAN BALDASSINI, AGRAPOLE)  
Saturday, August 26   08:00-10:00   Interbull Open Meeting: Session I - New methodology   Room Prestige Gratte-Ciel, Centre de Congres de Lyon  
    10:30-12:00   Interbull Open Meeting: Session IIa - Big Data (parallel session)   Room Prestige Gratte-Ciel, Centre de Congres de Lyon  
      Interbull Open Meeting: Session IIb - Sustainability (parallel session)   Room Gratte-Ciel 2&3, Centre de Congres de Lyon  
    13:30-15:30   Interbull Business Meeting [1]   Room Prestige Gratte-Ciel, Centre de Congres de Lyon  
    16:00-18:00   Interbull Open Meeting: Session IIIa- Big data & experience with Single Step (parallel session)   Room Prestige Gratte-Ciel, Centre de Congres de Lyon  
      Interbull Open Meeting: Session IIIb- Crossbreed (parallel session)   Room Gratte-Ciel 2&3, Centre de Congres de Lyon  
    19:30-23:00   Interbull Dinner   Brasserie Georges  
Sunday, August 27   08:00-10:00   Interbull Open Meeting: Session IV: Experience with Single Step   Room Prestige Gratte-Ciel, Centre de Congres de Lyon  
    10:00-12:00   Interbull Open Meeting: Session V: New Traits [1]   Room Prestige Gratte-Ciel, Centre de Congres de Lyon  
    13:30-15:00   Interbull Business Meeting [2]   Room Prestige Gratte-Ciel, Centre de Congres de Lyon  
    15:30-16:30   Interbull Open Meeting: Session VI: New Traits [2]   Room Prestige Gratte-Ciel, Centre de Congres de Lyon  
    16:30-17:15   Interbull Technical Committee  


Room Prestige Gratte-Ciel 1, Centre de Congres de Lyon

    17:15-18:00   Interbull Steering Committee  

Room Prestige Gratte-Ciel 1, Centre de Congres de Lyon

    18:00-21:30   Cocktail WAAP (open to Interbull meeting participants)   CENTRE DE CONGRÈS DE LYON  
Monday, August 28   08:30-12:30  

Joint Session EAAP - Interbull: Up side and down side of “genomic selection”  


Joint Session Interbull-WG-AnGR: Molecular measures of diversity and their

role in monitoring and management of breeds  

Technical and Steering Committees are administrative meetings restricted to the respective members; Business Meeting is public and is dedicated to discuss operational and political decisions of the Steering Committee with participating organizations; Open Meetings are dedicated to scientific reports.  



Scientific Program - Interbull Open Session, Lyon 2023

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Day Session Time   Speaker Topic

Saturday, August 26








Saturday, August 26











Saturday, August 26








Saturday, August 26


Session I: New Methodology


Chair: Raphael Mrode

Room: Prestige Gratte-Ciel



Matthew Shaffer (Interbull President) and Jean-Paul Rault (FGE president)  

Opening of Interbull Open Meeting
8:15   Renzo Bonifazi

Using genomic data to estimate genetic correlations between countries with different levels of connectedness.

8:30   Andres Legarra Effect of modelling unknown parent groups and metafounders on the historical genetic trend of fertility traits
8:45   Martin Schlather Software project 'miraculix': Efficient computations with large genomic datasets
9:00   Alexander Freudenberg Accelerating single-step evaluations through GPU offloading
9:15   Yury Tavyrikov Development of an analytical tool for animal genetic progress assessment based on gEBVs calculated with a single-step model, pedigrees, genotyping data and results of its on-farm implementation
9:30   Didier Boichard Methods to estimate erosion factors of genomic breeding values of candidates due to long-distance linkage disequilibrium
9:45   Lisa Hein The value of increased heterozygosity in dairy cattle

Session IIa: Big data


Chair: Ezequiel L. Nicolazzi


Room: Prestige Gratte-Ciel

10:30   Xiaolin Wu Breaking the bin: Why does continuous milking interval time matter for getting test-day milk yields right?
10:45   Niek Meijer Udder classification based on AMS-data
11:00   José A. Carrillo Implementation of adding discovered grandsires and great grandsires using constructed ID
11:15   Jeffrey R. O'Connell Quality and value of imputing gene tests for all animals
11:30   Raphael  Mrode Changes in the genome architecture of two groups of dairy bulls with marked differences in their direct genomic breeding values for production traits in the UK
11:45   Paul VanRaden Modeling identical twins, split embryos, and nuclear transfer clones in dairy cattle genetic evaluation

Session IIb: Sustainability


Chair: Marija Klopcic


Room: Gratte-Ciel 2&3

(parallel session)

10:30   Claudia Kasper The genetic background of nitrogen use efficiency and methane emissions in Swiss dairy cows
10:45   Bjørg Heringstad Heritability of methane emission in young Norwegian Red bulls estimated from GreenFeed measures at the test station
11:00   Brian Van Doormaal Development of Methane Efficiency Evaluations for Canadian Holsteins
11:15   Marco Winters The EnviroCow index and its impact on the UK dairy industry’s carbon footprint
11:30   Karoline A. Bakke Breeding values for daily dry matter intake in Norwegian Red dairy cows and correlation to other traits
11:45   Sophie Aguerre Meta-analysis for heat tolerance traits in Holstein in France, the Netherlands and Spain

Session IIIa: Big data & experiences with Single Step


Chair: Urs Schnyder


Room: Prestige Gratte-Ciel

15:30   Jan-Thijs van Kaam Inbreeding becomes a serious issue
15:45   Thomas Lawlor Including genetic diversity as part of the international breeding goal for Holsteins
16:00   Dawid Słomian A comparison of genomically enhanced breeding values predicted by different single step models
16:15   Janez Jenko Approximate single step genomic predictions for Norwegian Red cattle
16:30   Gert Nieuwhof Inclusion of MACE proofs in single-step genomic analysis
16:45   Jason Reding Evaluating the effect of ssGBLUP on a composite beef cattle population with limited pedigree completeness
17:00    General Discussion (30 min)  


Session IIIb: Crossbreed


Chair: Gert Pedersen Aamand


Room: Gratte-Ciel 2&3


(parallel session)

15:30   Judith Himmelbauer Investigation on the metafounder concept in ssGBLUP based on a simulated cattle population
15:45   Matti Taskinen Estimation of metafounder relationships for multibreed single-step genomic evaluation of Finnish beef breeds
16:00   Emre Karaman Genomic evaluation of crossbred dairy cows considering breed origin of alleles
16:15   Timo Pitkänen Multibreed single-step genomic evaluation model for Finnish beef cattle
16:30   Kevin Byskov Beef on Dairy genomic evaluation for feed effiency, methane emission and meat quality
16:45   Haifa Splittorff Multi breed genetic evaluation of beef bulls used in dairy herds – emphasis on newest development
17:00   General Discussion (30 min)

Sunday, August 27






Sunday, August 27







Sunday, August 27

Session IV: Experience with Single Step


Chair: Brian Van Doormaal


Room: Prestige Gratte-Ciel

8:00   Zengting Liu

De-regressed genomic breeding values from single-step evaluations of test-day traits using all genotype data

8:15   Vincent Ducrocq Implementation of a single-step evaluation combining information on traits described by completely different models: the example of functional longevity
8:30   Zengting Liu Interbull Genomic Reliability - working group report
8:40   Zengting Liu Application of the Interbull genomic reliability method for single-step evaluation of test-day and conformation traits in German Holsteins
8:55   Paul VanRaden Conclusions of the validation working group
9:15   General discussion (15 min)

Session V: New Traits [1]


Chair: Laurent Journaux


Room: Prestige Gratte-Ciel

10:00   Valentina Palucci New services
10:15   Allison Fleming Genomic Evaluations for Body Maintenance Requirements in Canadian Holsteins
10:30   Katarzyna Stachowicz Genetic trends in gestation length
10:45   Johannes Heise Genetic evaluation of persistency in extended lactations
11:00   Rodrigo Mota International evaluations for clinical mastitis in Brown Swiss
11:15   Ferdinando Galluzzo Implementation of a routine genetic evaluation of milk coagulation properties in Italian Holstein breed
11:30   Nicolas Gengler Developing a genomic evaluation system using MIR-predicted CH4 and MACE traits related to expected CH4 emissions
11:45   Attilio Rossoni Evaluating male fertility in Brown Swiss cattle combining multiple sources of information

Session VI: New traits [2]


Chair: Daniele Vicario


Room: Prestige Gratte-Ciel

15:30   Fernando Macedo New international evaluation for carcass traits
15:45   Ezequiel Luis Nicolazzi New mutation within a common haplotype is associated with calf recumbency in Holsteins
16:00   Helene Leclerc A single-step genomic evaluation of claw health traits in French Holstein, Montbéliarde and Normande breeds
16:15   Ludmila Zavadilova Genomic Evaluation for Foot and Claw Disorders in Czech Holstein
16:30   Matthew Shaffer Closing of Interbull Open Meeting


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