Programme & Presentations Bled 2024




General Programme


Day Time Meeting
Saturday 18 May 08:30 am to 4:00 pm Interbull Technical Committee
Sunday 19 May 08:30 am to 12:30 pm Interbull Steering Committee
Sunday 19 May 08:30 am to 12:30 pm Interbeef WG and Technical Meeting
Sunday 19 May 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm PPP Meeting
Monday 20 May 08:30 am to  10:30 am Interbull Open Meeting
Monday 20 May 11:00 am to 1:00 pm Interbull Business Meeting
Monday 20 May 2:00 pm to 5:45 pm Interbull Open Meeting
Tuesday 21 May 08:30 am to 1:00 pm Interbull Open Meeting
Tuesday 21 May 2:00 pm to 3:30 pm Interbull Business Meeting
Tuesday 21 May 4:00 pm  to 5:00 pm Interbull Technical Committee
Tuesday 21 May 5:15 pm to 6:00 pm Interbull Steering Committee
Wednesday 22 May 2:30 pm to 4:00 pm ICAR-INTERBULL joint session

Technical and Steering Committees are administrative meetings restricted to the respective members as is the PPP meeting; Business Meeting is public and is dedicated to discuss operational and political decisions of the Steering Committee with participating organizations; Open Meetings are dedicated to scientific reports.




Scientific Program - Interbull Open Session, Bled 2024

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All sessions will be held in room "Arnold I/II" at the Rikli Balance hotel.


Day Session Time   Speaker   Topic


May 20











May 20










May 20






 Session I

Genetic Diversity & Production Updates


Chair: Gerben de Jong

 08:30   M. Shaffer & SVN   Opening of Interbull Open Meeting
 08:45   P. van Raden   Breeding programs compared across countries, continents, and breeds using data from proven bulls and genotyped females
 09:00   T. Lawlor   Heritable variation in gene expression is the key to maximizing genetic gain and preserving genetic diversity with a properly designed breeding program.
 09:15   J.T. van Kaam   Next-Level Genomic Selection: Mitigating Inbreeding
 09:30    M. Stephen   Genetic trend in milk fat percent is highly responsive to the relative economic value of milk fat and milk protein in the NZ dairy industry.
 09:45   F.L. Guinan   Genetic parameters for daily milk weights in U.S. Holsteins using pen-based contemporary groups
 10:00   T. Pitkänen   Revision of random regression test-day model has improved genomic prediction for Nordic Red dairy cattle
 10:15   X. WU   Analysis of Factors Affecting Daily Milk Yields: An Initial Case Study in an Automatic Thrice-Milking Farm

 Session II

New Traits


Chair: Daniele Vicario

 14:00   J. Jenko   Simulating genetic progress for traits with expensive phenotyping
 14:15   N. Vargas Jurado   Estimation of variance components for clinical mastitis and somatic cell scores for the Nordic dairy cattle populations
 14:30   F. Galluzzo   Genetic evaluation of differential somatic cell count in Italian Holstein
 14:45    R.B. Stephansen   Genomic Prediction of Genetic Residual Feed Intake Integrating a Novel Energy Sink for Change in Body Reserves.
 15:00   J. Jamrozik   Alternative Residual Feed Intake (RFI) expressions in dairy cattle
 15:15   J. Heise   Breeding for feed efficiency in German Holsteins: the new RZFeedEfficiency

 Session III

New Traits



Chair: Ezequiel Nicolazzi

 16:00    M. Schrauf   Cross-Validation Assessment of Random Regression Specifications in a Single-Step Genomic Model for Dry Matter Intake
 16:15   G. Tarekegn   Using cow carcass weight to select efficient cows
 16:30    R. Kempe   Single-step genomic prediction models for metabolic body weight in Nordic Holstein, Red dairy cattle, and Jersey
 16:45    K.A. Bakke   Genetic correlations between daily dry matter intake, body weight and enteric methane in Norwegian Red dairy cows
 17:00   N. Mejer   Breeding for resilience in the Netherlands and Flanders
 17:15    C. Manzanilla-Pech   Effect of heat stress on methane emissions of Dutch Holstein population
 17:30    N. Gengler   Next steps towards the development of a collaborative genomic evaluation system for residual methane production in Walloon Holstein cows





May 21













May 21





Session IV: Single Step Methodology      



Chair: Gert Pedersen Aamand

08:30   R. Bonifazi   Multi-breed multi-trait single-step genomic predictions for Holstein and Jersey including crossbred animals
 08:45    D. Słomian   Differential handling of missing parents in genetic evaluation of dairy cattle using single step test day SNP-BLUP model
 09:00    A. Legarra   Technical options for all-breed Single Step GBLUP for US dairy cattle
 09:15   H. Alkhoder   A weekly genomic evaluation of newly genotyped selection candidates based on a single-step genomic model
 09:30   R.  Rostellato   Genomic-free EBVs computed from Single-Step evaluations as proofs for MACE in France
 09:45   Z. Liu   Guidelines for Approximating Genomic Reliabilities of the Single-Step Genomic Model
10:00   K. Stachowicz   Single-step evaluation for milking cow survival in Poland
 10:15   A. Chegini   Improving single-step genomic prediction reliabilities for clinical mastitis in Nordic Red dairy cattle and Jersey by applying marker-specific weights

 Session V: New Developments in genetic/genomic (inter)-national evaluation




Chair: Urs Schnyder

 11:00    H. Eding   Incorporation of external GEBV in the Dutch-Flemish dairy genetic evaluation
 11:15    E.C. Ooi   Designing a Validation Application for Genetic and Genomic Evaluation Systems in the New Zealand Dairy Industry
 11:30   R. Mota   Genomic validation software: USA update including truncated MACE
 11:45   J. Himmelbauer   Modeling unknown parent groups or metafounders in single step genomic BLUP – results of a simulation study
 12:00   B. Cuyabano   Genetic correlations: a parameter or a latent phenotype in genetic evaluations?
 12:15    J. Vandenplas   Integration of foreign estimates of SNP effects into a single-step genomic evaluation
 12:30    H. Kärkkäinen   SNP MACE for EuroGenomics countries
12:45   A. Nazari   PREP Database: Extension to Genomic Evaluation
13:00    M. Shaffer   Closing of Interbull Open Meeting

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