Interbull currently provides several benefits to its service users:

International Network

A major benefit of participating in Interbull is the exchange of information with other member countries. Interbull co-ordinates this international network through meetings, workshops, online discussion forums, surveys, presentations, publications and website. Interbull annually organizes an international seminar for exchange of research results and experiences among industry representatives and scientists in the area of genetic evaluation of dairy cattle. Proceedings of these meetings are published in the Interbull Bulletin series.

International Research & Development

The Interbull Centre provides international leadership in researching and developing methods for generating international genetic evaluations. It achieves this through co-ordinating and reviewing research done in member countries, as well as running it’s own research program.

International Genetic Evaluation Service

The International Genetic Evaluation Service provided by the Interbull Centre calculates international genetic evaluations for most of the economically important traits in dairy cattle. Over 25 countries currently subscribe to this service.

International Technical Support

Interbull provides member countries with advice and assistance on all matters relating to the genetic evaluation of cattle. This includes guidance for countries developing joint evaluation or recording schemes, and recommended codes of practice for national evaluation systems.


Through the benefits of combining research and information from around the world, Interbull contributes to greater genetic progress for all its member countries.

Participating countries receive the benefits of Interbull through payment of annual membership fees. Additional service fees are charged by the Interbull Centre for countries subscribing to the International Genetic Evaluation Service.

Interbull Centre - Department of Animal Breeding and Genetics, SLU - Box 7023, S-75007 Uppsala, Sweden -

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