Interbull Business Meeting 2021



This year’s Interbull Business Meeting will be held on 29 April 2021, from 14:00-16:00 CET, as part of the Virtual ICAR-Interbull 2021 Conference. Participants to the Interbull Business Meeting will need to register to the Conference (


Please ensure that you use Chrome in a Windows or Mac based environment while accessing the platform.


2021 Interbull Business Meeting - Agenda

Start: 14:00 CET

  1. Welcome and adoption of agenda
    • Matthew Shaffer – Chair of the meeting
  2. Chair's Report
    • Matthew Shaffer
  3. Director's Report
    • Toine Roozen
  4. Interbull Technical Committee Report
    • Gert Pedersen Aamand
  5. Governance: Interbull Steering Committee Membership
    • Matthew Shaffer/Toine Roozen
  6.  New Services and Panel Discussion
    • Brian Van Doormaal
  7. Future Events
    • ICAR-Interbull 2022 in Montreal, Canada
  8.  Other matters
    • Matthew Shaffer

Close: 16:00 CET


Material Interbull Business Meeting – 29 April 2021, 14:00 CET
1. Business Meeting Agenda and Documentation: pdf
2. Interbull Chair’s Report: Video; pdf
3. Interbull Centre Director’s report: Video; pdf
4. Interbull Technical Committee Chair’s Report: video; pdf

5. Interbeef Working Group Chair's Update: video; pdf

You may find the following relevant documents on
1. Interbull Centre Activity Report
2. Interbull Centre Financial Report
3. Interbull Operating Plan
4. Interbull Strategic Plan

Last year’s video and documents are still available on:

Registered participants may access these videos (and videos for the Open Meeting) through the conference portal.

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