Collaborative Projects






The Interbull Centre has been approached by consortia to be involved in their international projects. Central to the reason for these invitations are:


  • Interbull Centre’s capacities and expertise as an International Central Data Hub
  • Enabling International exchange of data
  • Quality Control


Also its status as the EU Reference Centre for Bovine Breeding is an important reason for being involved in such collaborative projects.


Although Interbull Centre staff may also be carry out research activities, Interbull Centre is primarily expected to ensure the legacy of the projects by ensuring that the project results implemented beyond duration of the project.


The Interbull Centre’s focus is hence on providing services to the project, and on developing services to the Interbull Community (several of whom are involved in the projects), in line with Interbull’s Strategic plans.


Details on the projects that have been approved for funding are provided within this page.

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