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August 28





Up side and down side of genomic selection


Joint session EAAP/Interbull



Filippo Miglior, LACTANET, CAN, & Laurent Journeaux, FGE, FRA



8:30   N. Macciotta Issues and perspectives in genomic selection in limited size breeds: the case of Italian Simmental
9:00   J. Winding Impact of genomic selection on genetic diversity in five European local cattle breeds
9:15   J. Hidalgo Accounting for sequential genomic selection in broiler breeding
9:30   Y. Wientjes Chnages in the genome due to genomic selection in two pig populations
9:45   C. Baes Practical approaches to managing increased homozygosity caused by genomic selection
10:45   I. Misztal Positive and negative effects of genomic selection
11:15   G. Gorianc Storing and analysing a million genomes on a desktop computer
11:30   F. Besnard Large scale screening for genetic defects in Holstein cattle using transmission disequilibrium test
11:45   M. Schrauf Genomic selection strategies and their potential to maintain rare alleles and de-novo mutations
12:00   Y. Wang Genomic prediction with selected sequence variants in gestation length of New Zealand dairy cattle
12:15   K. Sarviaho Novel runs of homozygosity islands in the Finnish Ayrshire population
12:30   D.Laurenco    Sometimes we win, sometimes we lose: the consequences of genomic selection



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