Technical EU Reports

Interbull Centre in its funstion as European Union reference centre for Zootechnics, performed a number of analyses and projects.

The main results of these were reported in the biannual report to the EU, and more detailed reports for particular projects and analyses can be found below.

  • Overview of national procedures in performance recording and evaluations
    for trait groups included in PREP database

These reports contain the description of standardized information gathered from GE/GENO/BEEF forms. The information was collected from the free text forms and stanradized in order to include this information to PREP database. At the same time, when the information was standardized, we were able to see the patterns within and across the countries, similarities and differences and these were the basis of the reports below. The reports are presented by trait group:



Production traits - report and data tables

Calving traits - overview and recomendations for harmonisation



Beef cattle genetic evaluation for beef traits - Adjusted Weaning Weight and Calving Ease in European countries


  • Other

Overview of Female Fertility traits in International Evaluations

Validation’s Model in InterBeef evaluations; EURC – Report

The presentation by Interbull Centre Director for the EC Standing Committee on Zootechnics, 3 October 2022


  • Report-specific


Links for "Final Technical Report of EURC for Zootechnics (Bovine breeding)"


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