Get Involved: ITC seeks new members!

The Interbull Technical Committee is seeking new members.

Would you like to get more involved with technical matters related to international bull evaluations? We are looking for enthusiastic volunteers to join the Interbull Technical Committee ITC and help ensure the technical excellence of Interbull services. If this could be you, please read the paragraphs below and follow the instructions for submitting your application.


The Role of the Interbull Technical Committee

The Interbull Technical Committee (ITC) provides counselling to the Steering Committee (SC) in technical questions related to international genetic and genomic evaluations of dairy cattle breeds and the related services released by Interbull Centre. Moreover, the Interbull Technical Committee may be requested to provide long-term views and strategies on matters relating to the service.


The full Terms of Reference for the ITC are available on the Interbull website:


ITC Membership

The Interbull SC appoints ITC members.  ITC members would preferably represent a broad geographical spread. However, the Steering Committee considers personal qualities and competency as more important. Integrity and independence should characterise the members of the ITC, and it is important that they do not represent their organisations, but their own capacity as experts in genetic evaluations.

Members of the ITC have varying backgrounds and are selected on the basis of the skills and capabilities which are needed at the ITC and to fulfil various roles on the ITC and its Working Groups.

As well as specific skill areas, it is considered that each of the members should have the following attributes:

  • An understanding of the responsibilities of, and obligations owed by Interbull Technical Committee members, including but not limited to responding in a timely manner to correspondence and being prepared for and actively participating in meetings through attendance, discussion and review of minutes and papers;
  • Integrity and honesty;
  • A collaborative manner;
  • Time to undertake the responsibilities of the role;
  • A willingness to understand and commit to the highest standards of governance;
  • An ability to apply strategic thought to relevant matters;
  • A preparedness to question, challenge and critique in a constructive manner; and
  • An ability to consider materiality and risk tolerance as key considerations in decision making.


To Apply

To apply please use the following form: Expression of interest form (opens .docx)Please send completed applications along with CV to by 28 February 2024 *** EXTENDED DEADLINE*** Now accepting applications to 4 March 2024



If you have any questions of queries regarding the ITC or your application, please contact Gerben de Jong (Chair of the ITC), Toine Roozen (Interbull Centre Director) or Valentina Palucci (Interbull Centre ITC representative):


Gerben de Jong

Toine Roozen

Valentina Palucci


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