Fernando Macedo


Fernando Macedo, PhD



Fernando Macedo complete his Ph.D. in March 2021 and started as a quantitative geneticist at the Interbull Centre on 1 of May 2021. Linked to the family farm since childhood, Fernando Macedo decided to pursue a career in Veterinary Medicine. At the University, he began his academic activity as a teacher of Animal Breeding. After the Veterinary degree, Fernando earned his M.Sc. at INIA (Uruguay), developing an SNP panel to check paternity in Uruguayan Merino and Corriedale sheep. At INIA, he also worked in studies of residual feed intake and carcass and meat quality in Hereford beef cattle. Fernando’s Ph.D. study at INRAE (France) addresses the analysis of bias in genetic and genomic evaluations of dairy sheep.”

Interbull Centre - Department of Animal Breeding and Genetics, SLU - Box 7023, S-75007 Uppsala, Sweden -

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