2021 ICAR-Interbull meeting: scientific program is ready!

Dear Colleague,


We hereby warmly invite you to join in the next ICAR-Interbull Conference, which is to be held from 26-30 April 2021. The theme of the Conference is


Circular Farming and its Impact on
Animal Genetics, Animal Recording of Data and Cattle / Herd Management

The Interbull Open Meetings include the following sessions:

  1. Meta-analytical methods in animal genetic and genomic evaluation.
  2. Implementing new traits in genetic and genomic evaluation systems: Health & Fertility.
  3. New developments in Single Step genomic evaluations and validation methods.
  4. Experiences with Single Step genomic evaluations.
  5. Genetic and Genomic evaluations in beef and cross bred cattle.
  6. Implementing new traits in genetic and genomic evaluation systems: Feed Efficiency & Environmental Impact.

A joint ICAR-Interbull session addresses “Supporting Circular Economy: How Does it Affect the Breeding Goals?”


And during the Interbull Business Meeting we wish to update the ICAR, Interbull and Animal breeding communities on our activities at the Interbull Centre, and welcome the exchange of thoughts with the participants.


More details about the program and speakers are here. Note that the program will be updated as more information becomes available, so please check regularly.


The conference will be a virtual conference. A professional conference platform will be available with different means for fruitful interaction with the presenters and with your fellow participants. Complementary to the scientific program there will be a Manufacturers Showcase, Digital Pitches and Digital Booths.


The conference offers an excellent opportunity to get in touch with the latest development in the sector. This conference is of great interest for policy makers on future farming systems, for researchers, for staff and for managers involved in cattle breeding, animal performance recording and sensor technology around the globe.



Registration for this conference is open until April 18. You are kindly invited to register through



We look forward meeting you at ICAR-Interbull 2021!



Interbull Centre - Department of Animal Breeding and Genetics, SLU - Box 7023, S-75007 Uppsala, Sweden -

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