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Since its first publication in 1986, the Interbull Bulletin has become a well-known reference for genetic evaluation of bovine cattle worldwide. It contains the state-of-the-art in genetic evaluation methods, as well as the most recent information on national and international implementations. Authors have an ideal forum to discuss new ideas and to challenge current genetic models. Following the Interbull Bulletin over the years presents a rich opportunity to understand how the current models were developed and how new traits were incorporated into genetic evaluations.


Over time, the Bulletin has evolved to become available through Interbull’s webpage as well as in print form, and today the vast majority of Bulletin readership is on-line as we move away from print copies.


It is in this spirit of evolution that we announce the next step of the Bulletin’s history – its move into the Open Journal System platform.


The Open Journal System is a journal management tool created with the aim of not only increasing access to research but also improving the scholarly and public quality of research. The Open Journal System was developed by the Public Knowledge Project and operates through a partnership between several universities and libraries. If you wish to see more information about the projects please visit their Official Website.


Moving the Interbull Bulletin to this new platform will not only allow for every past issue to be easily accessed, ensuring historical information relating to genetic evaluation of bovine cattle remains accessible, but will give the Interbull Bulletin a place in which it can also grow and improve. Authors will have a clear and modern framework to submit their articles, and time between submission and publication will be greatly reduced.


Along with the launch of the Interbull Bulletin on this new platform, we are pleased to announce that two new issues will be available. Proceedings from the Technical Workshop in Guelph (Bulletin 43) and the Interbull Meeting in Stavanger (Bulletin 44), both in 2011, are the first new issues to be launched on the Open Journal System. Additionally, the first 14 issues of the Interbull Bulletin, which were not available online, are now at our readers’ disposal.


Now take your time and visit the new Interbull Bulletin!


The Interbull Bulletin is a publication of the International Bull Evaluation Service (Interbull), and is printed at SLU PrintOffice.

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Frequency: After every annual meeting and after workshops 
ISSN: 1011-6079

Interbull Bulletin is not peer reviewed. All information contained in the articles is of full responsibility of the authors.

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