Official Launch of GenoEx-PSE June 1, 2018



Following the release of the ICAR Accreditation service for DNA Data Interpretation Centres at the beginning of May 2018, ICAR and the Interbull Centre are now pleased to announce and officially release its latest DNA-based service ‘GenoEx-PSE’.


The main purpose of the GenoEx-PSE database is to provide a service for exchanging standardised sets of SNP for genotyped animals to facilitate and streamline parentage analysis activities carried out by organisations that are responsible and/or active in parentage integrity.


The website for the general GenoEx Platform provides further information and documentation such as the “GenoEx-PSE User Manual” and “GenoEx-PSE Code of Practice”, as well as the GenoEx-PSE Service User Agreement.


Please note that GenoEx-PSE service users are required to be in possession of valid ICAR certification for SNP-based Parentage Analysis Accreditation for DNA Data Interpretation Centres.

The basic steps of the application process are as follows:

  • Interbull Centre receives a signed agreement from the Accredited Centre.
  • Interbull Centre receives payment from the Accredited Centre


    • (Current, introductory, fee €1000).
    • Accredited Centre becomes a GenoEx-PSE Service User and is provided with Logon credentials by the Interbull Centre.
    • GenoEx-PSE Service Users start uploading and downloading SNP information for their accredited Parentage Analysis processes.


For further information:


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