Interbull Centre Hires New Managing Director


June 30, 2015 – It is with great pleasure that the Interbull Steering Committee and the International Committee for Animal Recording (ICAR) announce the engagement of Mr. Toine Roozen as the new Interbull Centre Director.


As Chairman of the Interbull Steering Committee, Reinhard Reents stated “The selection committee was impressed by Mr. Roozen’s knowledge of Interbull’s structure and services, including its link to ICAR, as well as his passion and experience in business, communication and technology transfer.” “There is no doubt that his background and leadership will be valuable assets both within the Interbull Centre and through his collaborations with the various stakeholders interested in the growing portfolio of services offered by the Interbull Centre”, he added.


Toine Roozen was born and raised in The Netherlands and graduated from Wageningen University with a B.Sc. degree, as well as an M.Sc. in Animal Breeding and Genetics. After his studies Mr. Roozen relocated to the United Kingdom and, for the first eight years of his professional career, Mr. Roozen held various positions within PIC in the swine industry, including Business Development Manager for PIC Europe.  Since 2003, Mr. Roozen has been employed by the Genesis Faraday Partnership, the Biosciences KTN and, since April 2014, the Knowledge Transfer Network (KTN Ltd), which are interdisciplinary networks that provide powerful vehicles for promoting innovation by accelerating the rate of technology transfer from research to industry adoption. His career progressed to the position of Knowledge Transfer Manager, Agri-Tech and Sustainability at KTN Ltd and led to his involvement in the Gene2Farm project in Europe.  He previously managed two other key bio-tech related projects in the EU, namely SABRE and Quantomics, both of which involved many researchers and consortium members as well as significant budgets.  While employed at Biosciences KTN, Mr. Roozen also completed an Executive MBA from the University of Oxford at the Saïd Business School in the United Kingdom.


Hans Wilmink, President of ICAR, commented “The Interbull Centre plays an important role for many countries around the world in providing international evaluations for dairy bulls, including MACE, GMACE and Intergenomics, as well as for beef populations through Interbeef.” He added, “On behalf of the ICAR community, I wish to welcome Mr. Roozen as the new Interbull Centre Director and look forward to continuing the strong positive relationship between ICAR and Interbull for many years to come.”


Toine Roozen will officially commence his employment as the Interbull Centre Director in September 2015 but will be attending the upcoming Interbull meetings in Orlando, Florida.  Along with his wife and family, they plan to relocate to Sweden by the end of the year.





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