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Presentations from the joint 2019 Interbull/ADSA sessions*

*Only these we have granted permissions are available


Session Time Author Scientific Report Title

Ten years of genomic selection


Chair: F. Miglior

09:30 D. Bickhart From sequence of Dominette to 10K and 50K SNP chips
10.00 P. VanRaden How to implement genomic selection
10:30 E. Santus The role of Interbull in the successful implementation of genomic selection in breeds other than Holstein
11:00 C. Maltecca Exploiting homozygosity in the era of genomics - Runs of homozygosity, inbreeding and  genomic mating programs
11:30 E. Mäntysaari Single step genomic evaluations
12:00 G. Gorjanc What's next for dairy cattle breeding?

Data pipelines for implementation of genomic evaluation of novel traits


Chair: C. Baes

14:00 Y. de Haas ADSA-EAAP speaker exchange presentation: International collaboration for breeding for novel traits
14:30 R. Tempelman Genetic relationships between different measures of feed efficiency and the implications for dairy cattle selection
15:00 F. Malchiodi Multiple-trait single-step genomic evaluation for hoof health
16:00 J. Lassen ADSA- EAAP Speaker Exchange Presentation: Pooling data for international evaluations for feed intake and efficiency
16:30 K. Gaddis Development, implementation and future perspectives of health evaluations in the United States
17:00 E. Pryce Implementation of genomic selection for heat tolerance
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