Programme & Presentations Cincinnati 2019


2019 Interbull Meeting

Interbull Open Meeting: 22-23 June at the Hilton Netherland Plaza

Joint Interbull-ADSA session: 24 June at the Duke Energy Convention Center



General Program


Scientific Program - Interbull Open Session


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Scientific Report Title


June 22

Evaluations: Interbull-related R&D and other new methodologies



Chair: E. Santus

08:30 Jighly, A. meta-analysis to estimate SNP effects across countries
08:45 Kärkkäinen, H. SNP information approximation method for multitrait across country genomic evaluations
09:00 Benhajali, H. Impact of genomic pre-selection on MACE
09:15 Sullivan, P. Modifying MACE to accommodate genomic pre-selection effects
09:30 Misztal, I. Fluctuations in genomic predictions with APY inversion
09:45 Lourenco, D. Stable indirect predictions with a large number of genotyped animals


Evaluations: new methodologies



Chair: P. VanRaden

10:30 Masuda, Y. Single-step GBLUP including more than 2 million genotypes with missing pedigrees for production traits in US Holstein
10:45 Lawlor, T. Modelling different forms of selection for linear type traits in a single-step GBLUP analysis.
11:00 Mrode, R. The application of several genomic models for the analysis of small holder dairy cattle data.
11:15 Jiang, J. A scalable Bayesian mixed model approach for GWAS and genomic prediction
11:30 Liu, Z. Genomic prediction of health traits using a mixed bull and cow reference population for German Holsteins
11:45 Mota, R.R. Strategy to stabilize GEBV estimation under a quickly evolving mixed sire and cow based reference population in the single-step evaluation system of the Walloon Region of Belgium
12:00 van den Berg, I. Genomic prediction for Australian Red Dairy cattle
12:15 Nicolazzi, E.I. Enhancements to U.S. genetic and genomics evaluations in 2018 and 2019


New traits and phenotypes collection: Fertility/Milk. Beef and Crossbreeding




Chair: Z. Liu

 16:00  Wasserman, C.  Infrastructure developments at Interbull Centre: opportunities for new traits
 16:15  Stephen, M.  Novel Phenotypes to improve the rate of genetic gain in fertility for dairy cattle in New Zealand
 16:30  Oliveira Junior, G.A.  The Effect of Synchronized Breeding on Genetic Evaluations of Fertility Traits in Dairy Cattle
16:45 Macciotta, N. Genomic selection of latent variables related to the milk fatty acid profile, milk composition, and udder health in dairy cattle
17:00 Gengler, N. Exploiting opportunities in dairy cattle breeding using mid-infrared spectral data associated to novel traits in the Walloon Region of Belgium
17:15 Evans, R. From One to Many: Re-defining calving evaluations to cater for divergent cow types
17:30 Hely, F. Application of non-linear weightings in industry breeding indexes
17:45 Davis, R.B. Nordic breeding values for beef breed sires used for crossbreeding with dairy dams


June 23


New traits and phenotypes collection: Feed Efficiency/Resilience




Chair: M. Goddard

08:30 Wiggans, G. Extending genomic evaluation to crossbred dairy cattle US implementation
08:45 Lidauer, M. Genetic Evaluation for Maintenance - Towards Genomic Breeding Values for Saved Feed in Nordic Dairy Cattle
09:00 de Jong, G. Feed intake genetic evaluation: progress and an index for saved feed cost
09:15 Houlahan, K. Comparing the use of dry matter intake and residual feed intake to improve feed efficiency in Holstein cattle.
09:30 de Haas, Y. Use of at-market sensor technologies to develop proxies for resilience and efficiency in dairy cows
09:45 Atagi, Y. Consideration of heat stress in multiple lactation test day models for dairy production traits.






Chair: G. DeJong

 10:30  Van Doormaal, B  Current Status and Activities of the ICAR DNA Working Group
 10:45  Carrillo, A.  CDCB’s Genotyping Laboratory Certification Program
11:00 Roozen, T. Experience with GenoEx-PSE
11:15 Null, D. Using the ARS-UCD1.2 reference genome in U.S. evaluations
11:30 Segelke, D. Imputation of genetic characteristics using deep learning methods
11:45 Guinan, F. Changes occurring in the breed composition of U.S. dairy herds



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