Simone Savoia

Simone Savoia, MSc, PhD






Simone Savoia hails from Turin, Italy. After graduation of his Bachelor in “Livestock Science” at the University of Torino in 2009, he was employed by the Italian Piemontese cattle Breeders Association (ANABORAPI) to work as geneticist at the “Research and Development” Office. While working, he continued his education in “Livestock Science and Technologies” at the University of Torino, obtaining the degree of MSc with honors. He then attended several national and international post-graduate courses in the context of “Animal Breeding and Genetics”. In 2015 he started his PhD project in “Animal Science” at the University of Padova (Italy), which he combined with the activities at ANABORAPI. The research underlying the PhD was conducted within the project “QualiPiem” - Innovative tools for selection of meat quality in Piemontese breed.


Simone started at the Interbull Centre on April 2019 and he is involved in both beef and dairy activities.


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