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Selection of bulls and cows is increasingly made on the basis of genomic estimated breeding values (GEBVs) calculated from SNP genotypes and the estimated effects of these SNPs.


In some countries, some breeds already have very large training populations for some traits (e.g. Holsteins in USA for milk yield). However, there will be many breeds, countries and traits where the size of the training population will always be limiting the accuracy of GEBVs. This applies to important traits such as feed efficiency, to countries with small dairy industries and to numerically small breeds.


By combining data over countries and breeds we could increase the accuracy of SNP effects and therefore GEBVs. However, combining the raw data across countries is not feasible as several limitations occur.


SNPMace is a meta-analysis that combine the estimated SNP effects from different countries without the need to exchange raw data or genotypes. The method uses the genetic correlation between a trait measured in different countries to produce country specific estimated SNP effects.


After the successful conclusion of the SNPMace project’s research phase in February 2021, the Interbull SNPMace working group, in agreement with Interbull Steering committee, decided to issue a SNPMace data call aimed at testing the feasibility and validity of the meta-analysis on input data provided directly by Organisations performing a national genomic evaluation with the aim of moving toward a (within breed) service implementation.


The SNPMace data call consists of three stages:


The first stage of data call (collecting information on genomic model for production and cma together with the list of SNPs set used) has been completed and the SNPMace working group’s feedback were presented during the ICAR-Interbull 2021 virtual meeting,


Interbull Centre is now ready to move towards data call stage 2:


Organisations submitting information to the first stage of the data call as well as Interbull community members interested in SNPMace development, will have the chance to discuss any possible issues or doubts related to the preparation of the data during an ad-hoc Interbull SNPMace webinar which will be scheduled on May 26th, 2021, with the participation of SNPMace working group’s members.


  • The Webinar’s agenda is as follows:
  • Welcome (Enrico Santus, SNPMace wg chair)
  • The SNPMace methodology: an overview (Mike Goddard, SNPMace wg member)
  • Data call stage 3: guidelines and instructions for data preparation (Simone Savoia, Interbull Centre);
  • General Discussion



The webinar is free of charge but participants are required to register no later than Monday, 24 May 2021 (23:59 CEST) using the link below.


Date and time:

Wednesday, May 26 2021, from 12:00 to 13:30 CEST. Save the event on your outlook calendar



The Webinar will be held on Zoom. The link to the event will be shared with registered participants only.


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