Interbull Organization

Interbull is managed by an ICAR appointed Steering Committee, consisting of 9 members from different countries. The objectives for the Steering Committee are to set strategy, priorities, work plans and budget for Interbull.

Since 2003 the Steering Committee is supported by two expert groups: the Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC) and the Interbull Technical Committee (ITC). The objective of the SAC is to propose methodological developments that are needed to ensure the strategic direction, scientific soundness, and long-term progress of the Interbull services. The objective of the ITC is to identify and review technical issues that may be essential for providing a high quality service to countries participating in the international genetic evaluations.



Interbull Business Meetings are held regularly (once per year) with the purpose to report on the activities of the Interbull Centre, present decisions of the Steering Committee including budget, and to provide customers with a forum for discussion of Interbull services, present and desired. Conclusions and recommendations of the Interbull Business Meeting are brought to the Steering Committee for decision.

Interbull Centre is the operational unit of Interbull.

Interbull Centre - Department of Animal Breeding and Genetics, SLU - Box 7023, S-75007 Uppsala, Sweden -

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