Terms of Reference & Rules of Procedure


The International Bull Evaluation Service (“INTERBULL”) is a permanent sub-committee of the International Committee for Animal Recording (ICAR, since 1988. The Interbull Centre, the operational unit that provides services on behalf of INTERBULL, is governed by the ICAR appointed INTERBULL Sub-Committee.


The Terms of Reference for the INTERBULL Sub-Committee (ToR) are governed and approved by the ICAR Board.


The “Rules of Procedure for INTERBULL Committees” describes the processes for all INTERBULL Committees, and are governed and approved by the INTERBULL SC.


The latest “Terms of Reference” and “Rules of Procedure” can be found below:

  1.  Terms of Reference for INTERBULL Sub-Committee
  2.  Rules of Procedure for INTERBULL Committees

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