Theses & dissertations

This space is dedicated to provide visibility to academic dissertations and theses that either have been written by candidates working at or in close connection with the Interbull Centre or have addressed issues that are directly related to the interests of the Interbull community. If you want to have your thesis or dissertation posted in this space, please contact the Interbull Centre.


Assessing the benefits from joining the International beef cattle genetic evaluation (Interbeef) at SLU’s Interbull Centre – Estonia as a case study

- M.Sc. thesis by Tzayhri Osorio Gallardo


Genomic selection in small dairy cattle populations

 - PhD thesis by José Antonio Jiménez Montero


Impacts of genomic selection on classical genetic evaluations

- PhD thesis by Clotilde Patry


Genetics of carcass composition in Irish cattle exploiting carcass video image analysis

- PhD thesis by Thierry Pabiou


Multiple-trait multiple country genetic evaluation of fertility traits in dairy cattle

- PhD thesis by Mohammad Ali Nilforooshan


International genetic evaluations for udder health traits in dairy cattle

- PhD thesis by Thomas Mark


Prospects of performing multiple-country comparison of dairy sires for countries not participating in Interbull genetic evaluations

- MSc Agriculture thesis by Anne Torsell


International and national genetic evaluation of beef cattle - validation of national genetic models

- MSc Agriculture thesis by Jenny Ahlqvist


Genetic correlations between countries for somatic cell count and conformation traits

- Thesis in Animal Breeding by Freddy Fikse


Application of a structural model to estimate genetic correlations between countries

- Master of multifactorial genetics thesis by Stéphanie Minéry

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