Trend validation

One of the most important roles played by Interbull is to test the national evaluation results for consistency before using them as input for the international evaluations. This is part of the Interbull evaluations quality control measures, but also serves as a public recognition that the national data supplied by Interbull users is reliable.

Validation is needed every time a service user:
  • Changes the national evaluation model or the genetic parameters
  • Participates for the first time in a specific Interbull evaluation
  • It has been more than 2 years since the last validation results were submited to Interbull


Validation of classic national breeding values (based on performance data, see CoP, AppendixIII):
  • Method I
    • Comparison of genetic trends estimated using only first lactation versus all lactations in the routine national genetic evaluations
  • Method II
    • Analysis of within bull yearly DYD
  • Method III
    • Analysis of official national predicted genetic merit variation across evaluation runs
  • Method IV
    • Mendelian sampling trend validation


Validation of genomic national breeding values:

Validation software

  • GEBV test software
  • TrendTest software is available inside  IDEA under /Software/EBV
  • Mendelian Sampling variance test is available inside  IDEA under /Software/EBV

Validation results

Results of validation tests are confidentially kept between the Interbull Centre and the service user. The fact that a given population participates in the Interbull evaluation for a given trait implies that it has passed validation.


The only exception are the results from the GEBV test for production traits, which are made public to comply with determination of the Directorate of Animal Health and Welfare of the European Commission, who has accepted Interbull/ICAR recommendation to consider genomic evaluations validated by the GEBV test as valid procedures within EU states (official communication).


Validation Calendar

Methods I, II and III follow the official test run evaluations calendar. Starting from September 2014, conventional validation results should be obtained by running the TrendTest software, results should be sent back to Interbull Centre within 3 weeks from the commence of each test run.

The GEBV test results can be submitted by service users to the Interbull Centre at any time. Results will be processed as received.

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